Fighting for the custody of your child during a divorce can be one of the most emotional things that you ever do. You may feel sad, angry, frustrated, and exhausted, these emotions are typical and expected. However, learning to manage your child custody emotions is imperative.

Controlling your emotions can improve the likelihood of the child custody arrangement concluding in your favor (as a judge only has your time in court to discern if you are emotionally stable). And, managing your emotions during a child custody battle can be critical to the mental health and wellbeing of your child, too.

Learn to Deal with Emotions Around Your Child

Dealing with your feelings of frustration toward your child’s parent can be very difficult. However, badmouthing your spouse, acting out in anger, and openly fighting with your spouse can all be very detrimental to your child.

Instead, talk with your spouse about how you both have a mutual interest in protecting your child. Request that you both promise to refrain from fighting in front of your child or talking badly about the other person in front of your child. When you couch your terms with words like “we both promise” then communicating with your ex-spouse can be easier because it won’t feel like an attack.

Seek Emotional Support

Because coping with a divorce and child custody disagreement can be extremely trying, you should seek emotional support to help you manage your emotions and mental health throughout the process. Emotional support can be in the form of support groups, family, friends, or from a mental health professional.

Additionally, make sure you remember to make time for yourself and to set aside time for your enjoyment and peace like doing the following.

  • Writing in a journal
  • Going for a walk in nature
  • Meditating
  • Exercising
  • Talking out problems with friends or family

Contact a Divorce Attorney

One thing that can help to set your mind at ease and alleviate stress during a child custody battle is to have an attorney on your side who you know you can trust. This divorce lawyer will have your best interests at heart.

During a child custody proceeding, an attorney who knows the law and can help to negotiate and fight for your child’s ideal living arrangement is key. An attorney can also provide you with resources for managing the emotional aspects of a child custody battle and post-divorce resources.

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