Parental kidnapping is more common than you think, and yet many parents are taken by complete surprise when their ex-partner takes their children and runs. Let’s take a look at 13 early warning signs that your child could be at risk for abduction:

  • You are in the midst of an acrimonious custody battle
  • You argue with your child’s other parent about child visitation, child support, or child custody
  • The other parent has voiced unhappiness with the current child custody arrangement or parenting plan
  • The other parent does not have respect for the legal system or the authorities
  • The other parent has a history of violence or abuse
  • The other parent has a history of substance abuse, such as drug or alcohol addiction
  • The other parent has a criminal record
  • The other parent suffers from mental health issues, such as paranoia or delusions
  • The other parent is from a different country or culture than your own
  • The other parent is in the process of leaving the area or cutting his ties to the area (such as changing jobs or residences)
  • The other parent has ties to another community or family in another area
  • Your child’s other parent has threatened abduction
  • Your child’s other parent has a history of family abduction

What should you do if any of these red flags are present in your child custody case? While these signs don’t necessarily predict child abduction, they may be able to prevent one. There are several steps you can take to help protect your children.


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