You’ve seen the headlines and, perhaps, you’ve heard horror stories from other divorced parents. You’ve listened to tales of teenage rebellion and you’ve read stories about how divorce affects the long term happiness of kids. You may be, understandably, scared.

But You Are Not Helpless

There are things that you can do help your child get through this difficult time and protect his or her future. Specifically, experts such as the American Academy of Pediatrics recommend that parents:

  • Continue to work together as co-parents.
  • Put the needs of their children first in child custody and support arrangements.
  • Tell the kids about the divorce together, if possible.
  • Maintain stability and routines, to the extent possible.
  • Get professional guidance, or counseling, if needed.

Of course, you know your child best and it is important to get your teenager the help that he or she needs after a Washington divorce.

It Is Also Important to Get Help

Maintaining a stable home and predictable routine can be difficult during and after a Washington divorce. A workable parenting plan that is tailored to your family’s unique needs is important. An experienced child custody attorney can help you create a plan that works for your family.

Have you gotten divorced while your child was a teenager? What advice would you give other parents and teens? Please leave a comment and share your thoughts with those who may be looking for help.

Together, we can help make divorce a little bit easier and protect our children, even teens, from the potential complications divorce can bring.

Molly B. Kenny
Founder and Principal Divorce Attorney
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