Your first meeting with a divorce lawyer is an important step. It is during this meeting that you may be taking the first concrete legal steps toward ending your marriage. You may have a lot of questions about your Seattle divorce and you deserve answers to all of your questions. However, some clients aren’t sure what to ask.

Three Things You Don’t Want to Forget to Ask

There are many things that you likely want to ask. Here are a few of the questions that you don’t want to forget:

  • Explain your experience with Washington State divorce law. Is your practice solely focused on family law or do you also represent clients in other kinds of cases?
  • How will you keep me in the loop during the process? How will we communicate? Will I know what’s going on?
  • What happens if I agree to mediation and the mediation fails? Would you be able and willing to bring my Seattle divorce case to court?

Of course, you should also ask any other questions that you have and expect answers.

Find Out What Other Questions to Ask

The more you know about Washington State divorce law before your meeting, the more specific questions you can ask your lawyer. Accordingly, we invite you to download a FREE copy of our women’s guide to divorce or men's guide to divorce in Washington.

Have you been down this road before? Is there anything you wished you had asked your lawyer when you first met? Are there any questions you are glad that you asked? Please leave a comment and share your questions with others who may just be beginning the Seattle divorce process.

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