Posted on Apr 28, 2013

We know that communication between husband and wife is key to a successful marriage, but a new study has found that how a couple communicates can have an affect on how satisfied both are with their relationship. 

Psychologists at Oxford University have found that couples who rely heavily upon online social media websites to communicate have a less satisfying marriage than those who use alternative forms of communication in their daily lives. More specifically, couples who used Facebook, text messaging, Twitter, and instant messaging throughout their day were 14 percent less likely to be satisfied in their marriage than those who talked face to face or those who used fewer forms of online contact. 

The study, which was led by Doctor Bernie Hogan of the Oxford Internet Institute, followed 3,500 couples—all of whom were surveyed regarding how they kept ties with their spouse. Couples who used more than five different electronic avenues to talk to their husband or wife were significantly more likely to be less satisfied with their marriage. 

Why does this correlation between social media technology and unhappy marriages exist? Researchers believe that too much social media may add stress to relationships—and that it could add too much pressure to keep up with the different platforms. While social media can add to and benefit our lives in small amounts, it can be detrimental in large doses. 

The takeaway lesson, according to the study’s lead author, is that social media should be used in a limited manner and that couples should strive to communicate and be accessible without being too plugged in. 

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