Posted on Aug 28, 2013

When a couple chooses to divorce, what are their major concerns about the process? A new survey conducted by the legal website Avvo has found that the number one worry for couples without children is the cost of the divorce and associated legal fees. The number one worry for couples with children is child custody issues.

In June, the legal forum website surveyed almost 900 of its users regarding the fears and concerns surrounding divorce as well as how they reacted to those fears during the divorce process. Couples without children cited concerns about the cost of divorce 58 percent of the time. Another 42 percent were concerned about the fairness of property division, while 27 percent were concerned that the divorce would take a long time. Finally, 22 percent of respondents were concerned about alimony and spousal support.

Among respondents who had children, just over half — 52 percent — were most concerned with child custody issues that would accompany the split.

Couples seemed to be concerned about the cost of divorce no matter their financial standing or socioeconomic class, suggesting that divorce costs are a concern of couples of all kinds and standings.

The survey also found that a significant number couples responded to their fears about divorce money issues by foregoing a lawyer and tackling the divorce process themselves. However, some of this same group reported that they ultimately needed an attorney.

The findings of this small informal survey mirror a recent study that found that one of the most common reasons that unhappy couples stay together instead of divorce is the cost of divorce. Currently, the average cost of a divorce is $15,000.

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