Posted on Jun 25, 2011
Do domestic abuse and emotional abuse stop when your abuser is put behind bars? This month one Seattle woman found that she was still being intimidated, shamed, and controlled even after her ex-boyfriend was incarcerated for his actions.

According to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and King County prosecutors, 36-year-old Jaybe Beaver Junior of Seattle allegedly continued to speak with and threaten his ex-girlfriend over the phone and through relatives after he was imprisoned for threatening her and her child with a gun in early May.

After the domestic violence incident, Beaver called the woman from jail via a three-way call and told her he wouldn’t hurt her as long as she took back her story regarding the gun, his past threats and emotional abuse. In another call, he instructs the woman to contact a witness to the incident witness and have then take back their story. Later the woman was followed by Beaver’s cousins and told police she was frightened of going ahead with the case.

In addition to his previous domestic violence crimes, Beaver is now charged with witness tampering and violating a protection order. He has already pleaded guilty to the original charges of assault and illegal gun possession. In the past, seven different women have asked for protection orders against the man.

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