Posted on Jun 14, 2011
Just weeks after the new University of Washington president Michael Young finished answering questions about his recent divorce as well as his move from the University of Utah to Seattle, the new administrator is now answering questions about his new marriage to his second wife, which took place two weekends ago.

Last year, Young divorced his wife of 38 years, and, in large part because of Utah’s conservative Mormon culture, was the center of controversy. While he insists that the school did not quietly ask him to leave because of the divorce, he admits that making a fresh start in a new region of the country and with a new job was a good choice. Now the 61-year-old, who told Seattle papers last month that he did not take divorce lightly, has remarried to 38-year-old Marti Young, a former student at University of Utah.

Marti Young is also recently divorced, from Steve Denkers, a donor of note at the University of Utah, as of early last year. The couple insists that they were not romantically involved until after they were separated from their spouses.

Though it sounds like there was drama in the past, everyone seems to be looking forward to a new, quiet start in Seattle at a new school. Young, who has been very open to speaking of his recent life changes and career change, has said he is happy to explain but also plans on keeping his private life more private in the future.
Molly B. Kenny
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