Posted on Jul 11, 2011
A man has been charged with second-degree murder with a domestic violence enhancement in King County this week. According to the Seattle Times, 43-year-old Mussie E. Weldeyohannes allegedly strangled his girlfriend, Rahel Sium of North Seattle, while her 4-year-old daughter slept in the room.

Weldeyohannes has a history of domestic violence and had only been recently released from jail after making threats of violence against Sium last year. Sium moved to the United States a year ago and moved to the Seattle area while Weldeyohannes served out his sentence. Two weeks ago, he came to live with Sium despite a restraining order.

Just hours before the murder took place, Weldeyohannes texted a number of friends with messages that he needed to kill his girlfriend and himself. After the murder, he said that Sium had ruined his life by sending him to jail and that he was feeling out of control. He also told authorities that he believed Sium had been seeing another man and admitted to killing his girlfriend.

After the murder, Weldeyohannes ran and was not located until several days later, when the stolen car he was driving got a flat tire and a resident reported him to police. He will be arraigned today at the King County Courthouse. His bail is set at $2 million.

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