Posted on Jun 16, 2011
Comedian Faizon Love was arrested in Seattle, Washington, last week after city police received a call regarding a domestic violence disturbance. One source said that the arrest came after a “heated” exchange with a female companion.

The funnyman, who is most known for his roles in the movies Elf, Friday, and Couples Retreat, was arrested and booked just after nine in the morning on Friday, June 11, for fourth degree domestic violence assault. Although he was initially denied bail for an unknown reason at King County Jail, the actor was release the next afternoon after posting $10,000 bail.

Faizon Love was scheduled to perform a standup routine three nights in a row at The Parlor, a comedy club in Seattle. However, according to the owner of the club, Love performed the first night but was jailed the second night for domestic violence, when two opening acts filled in for the comedian. It is not clear whether the man performed at the club after posting bail on Saturday.

Love was convicted of assault with a deadly weapon two years ago when he beat up a man outside of a hotel in Hollywood. He is still currently on probation. His attorney did not comment on this most recent charge.

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