Divorce takes up a major part of your life, but it cannot be the focus of your entire world. While going through a divorce you must continue to live other aspects of your life, including staying on top of your job. You do not have to make your divorce a public piece of discussion, but you should take some steps to make your continuing to work while getting divorced easier on everyone involved.

Should I Tell Anyone About My Divorce?

You do not have to inform anyone about your divorce, but doing so could help keep you in your employer's good graces and save face with your co-workers.

Telling your employer that you are going through a divorce will establish that there may be some rough times ahead for your work schedule. Being upfront about the need for personal time to attend mediations or other divorce matters may make it easier to getting that time off without hassle.

If your divorce is particularly emotional, you may also need to take personal time for your mental health. By telling your boss ahead of time about your situation, she may better sympathize with your situation.

The same goes for your co-workers; if you do not want to explain your divorce in detail, simply telling your fellow workers that you are divorcing may be enough to explain the days when you are more frustrated or emotional.

Maintain a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Some divorcees use work as an escape from their marital problems and throw themselves into their job. You should avoid making work your only focus and give yourself time to process the divorce and grieve in your own way. Addressing your feelings directly and working through them is much healthier than using work to block those feelings out.

On days where you feel particularly stressed out or upset over your divorce, make sure you have a plan to take a break and clear your mind. This may be as simple as leaving your desk and taking a walk around the building, or taking a moment to go refill your water bottle.

Do not let yourself mull over divorce issues at work. If you cannot take a break to reset your mental state, write down what is bothering you, fold the paper up, and place it in your pocket to deal with at home when it is more appropriate to do so.

Remember that your personal life and work life are separate. You may have work friends that you socialize with after hours, but they may not be the best support group to lean on in this situation. Look for a source of support outside the workplace, or you may be inviting your personal life to become the gossip topic of the office.

Molly B. Kenny Helps You Work Through Your Divorce

You do not need to put your career on hold just so you can go through a divorce. With the help of a Washington divorce attorney, you can make the process easier on yourself both mentally and physically.

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