It is always hard to know how much of your personal life you should take with you to work. In the case of a divorce, it may be necessary to tell some people at work about your ending relationship for practical or business reasons. It may also be helpful for everyone for you to share some aspects of your divorce with co-workers and friends at work.

Why should you tell people at work about your divorce?​

  • Stop the office gossip. If you are secretive about your divorce, it may engender rumors and gossip that includes false information or exaggeration. Letting your colleagues know the simple facts about the end of your marriage will combat that sort of talk and let people know the plain truth.
  • Ask for understanding. Very few people can go through a divorce without struggling emotionally and having difficulty focusing on other aspects of their lives. By letting your colleagues know about your divorce, you can also let them know why you may not be performing at your highest level or why you need to miss work due to court dates or family matters.
  • Get support. In many cases, some of your co-workers may also be some of your closest friends. Telling your office friends about your divorce may be cathartic for you – and be a great place for you to find support during your workday. If even one coworker knows about your breakup, you may be able to turn to that person if you need help coping at the office.

Remember: just because you tell your co-workers about your divorce does not mean that they need to know the private details of your split. Don’t feel pressure to share the whole story, and if you are asked questions, don’t hesitate to simply tell them that you don’t feel comfortable talking about it with them.

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