single woman cleaning house after divorce in WashingtonWhether you move out of the marital home or whether you are starting a new chapter in the house you shared with your spouse, you will have to make some important decisions about certain sentimental objects in the weeks, months, and years after your divorce. Even though your partner is no longer in the picture, reminders of the life you had remain in a number of forms. Even if you initiated the divorce or thought the divorce was the right decision, knowing what to do with these items can be difficult. 

Many divorcees struggle with the following sentimental items: 

  • Family photographs and home movies. Just because your relationship changed and ended doesn’t mean that you didn’t have good times together or that you want to forget the past. But on the other hand, getting rid of photos may be a vital step toward embracing your future. Consider taking down framed photos and putting them in an album. If you have children, you might want to pass them on so that they have an idea of what their parents were like as a couple. If your marriage was especially emotionally painful or involved domestic abuse, you may wish to destroy the photos—and that is your right. 
  • Your wedding ring. Your engagement and wedding rings are the most important symbol of your marriage, and it follows that what you do with those rings is a symbol of your divorce and new life. Some wish to simply put the ring away or save it for their children. Others are empowered by selling the ring or transforming it into another piece of jewelry. Still others are more comfortable wearing their rings for a time period after the divorce as they look for closure. 
  • Relationship mementos. Especially if you were married for an extended period of time, many of the objects in your home are probably tied to your relationship: your wedding dress, souvenirs from trips, objects that were simply picked out and purchased as a couple. Some people choose to keep these mementos, either for the fond memories or for the sake of their children. Others find closure in releasing the objects in one way or another—the right answer depends on your own personal thoughts and feelings. 

Work With a Local Divorce Attorney

If you feel the need for a clean break from your spouse, consider your options. Working through your divorce with a lawyer--an experienced lawyer--can make the process easier on you and help you keep the process organized and as clean as possible.

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