In the past, we’ve discussed the hazards of using social media during the divorce process or during a child custody and support case. However, it is important to understand that social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can also impact your life after your divorce, albeit in different ways. How you use these websites can either harm or improve your relationships – with your ex-spouse, with your family, with your children, and with friends. Let’s take a closer look.

  • Be cautious about sharing information about new relationships. Even if you feel ready to begin a new relationship, your children, your family members, and your ex may feel extremely sensitive about the matter. Although you might want to shout from the rooftops, it is best to keep updates and pictures off of the Internet, at least for a short while.
  • Don’t use social networks as an outlet for anger. Writing about your feelings is a great way to process anger, to understand your emotions, and even to move through the pain of a divorce. But doing so on a public forum can be very damaging. Before you post anything emotional, think about the range of friends, family, and colleagues who read the website.
  • Don’t feel free to engage in irresponsible behavior even if your divorce case is over. Just because you have a working parenting plan in place doesn’t mean that it can’t change, especially if there is evidence that you may have issues that are concerning.
  • Be a little wary of connecting with old flames. As many as 20 percent of divorces are now being blamed on social networking sites. After a divorce, many more may turn to these websites to find comfort or a new start with an old friend or lover. While these can be excellent opportunities to start new relationships, also keep your emotional healing process and sensitive state in mind.
  • Do use social networks to communicate and share. It can be difficult to rebuild a platonic, non-emotional co-parenting relationship with your ex and to move on past the hurt of your ended relationship. A recent study found that one thing that can make your transition easier is the correct use of social media platforms and the Internet – especially sharing information, pictures, and updates about your children when you are watching them.

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