This month we’ve brought you two new articles about the most common mistakes men and women make during their Washington State divorce. Today, we’re going to share four more mistakes that both men and women often make at the end of their marriage. Avoiding these divorce mistakes can save you money and heartache. 

  • Never considering divorce mediation. Divorce mediation can be less expensive and less traumatic than going to court, yet many couples never sit down and discuss the option. Understand that you don’t have to be best friends to choose this option; you just have to be willing to speak candidly and compromise.
  • Making agreements with your spouse outside of the divorce settlement. This is absolutely not the time for verbal agreements – no matter how small the issue. If your spouse agrees to keep paying into your child’s college fund or to help sell the house, make sure it is in writing. Getting the agreement in writing doesn’t mean you don’t trust your spouse, it just means you are being diligent.
  • Taking legal advice from friends or family. Your family and friends are a great resource during your divorce – and they will often be your go-to source for emotional support and venting. However, they are not a reliable or accurate source for legal information.
  • Overspending. Some people overspend during a divorce out of spite for their spouse. Others don’t feel like they are spending their own money. Still others rack up expenses during the process of moving out and moving on. However, it is important to curb spending during this time and focus on eliminating debts and planning for the future.

Divorce will never be easy or simple, but it can be made less complicated if you understand the common issues that arise during the process. If you need the assistance of a Seattle divorce attorney, contact the Law Office of Molly B. Kenny today at 425-460-0550.

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