According to the Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 95 percent of people who physically abuse their partners also psychologically abuse them. This abuse – which is also called emotional abuse or mental abuse – can have serious, long-lasting affects on a person and make their recovery from a domestic violence situation even more difficult.

What Are Some Examples of Psychological Abuse?

  • Your partner denies you necessities. For example, your partner does not allow you to eat or sleep; your partner does not allow you access to money; or your partner does not allow you to leave your home.
  • Your partner verbally abuses you. For example, your partner insults you, screams at you, calls you names, attacks you, or damages your self-esteem through words.
  • Your partner displays jealous behavior. For example, your partner accuses you of cheating, prevents you from seeing friends, or becomes angry when you spend time with others.
  • Your partner harasses you outside of the home. For example, your partner travels to your workplace or school to continue other forms of abuse or to show their control over you.
  • Your partner threatens you or the things you love. For example, your partner could threaten to physically harm you, to deny you things you need, or to injure your children, relatives, or pets.
  • Your partner humiliates you. For example, your partner abuses you in public, sexually abuses you, or forces you to engage in demeaning behavior.
  • Your partner blames you for physical or sexual abuse. For example, you are made to feel at fault for any other types of harm that comes to you during your relationship, even though only your partner is to blame.
  • Your partner damages your personal property. For example, your partner punches a wall behind you, tears up your photographs, or smashes your cell phone.


Who is at risk for psychological abuse? Studies have found that women who earn more than their husbands, women who are the family breadwinners, and women who are physically disabled are the most at risk for mental abuse by a partner or loved one.


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