It makes sense that we often focus on the legal aspects of divorce: what will happen to your property, how the custody of your children will be shared, and what will happen to your shared accounts. However, it would be a mistake not to admit that the emotional side of divorce impacts every aspect of the process – and that it is extremely important to look after your mental and emotional health throughout your Washington divorce.

Both men and women may struggle with confidence and self-esteem in the aftermath of a divorce, sometimes even if they initiated the process or even if they agree that the separation was a good idea.

•    Understand the real reasons behind your divorce. Often, we have tendencies to self-blame, when the more common reasons for divorce are issues like incompatibility, failure to communicate, or simply growing apart. Realizing that your divorce was not based on your lack of worth is key.
•    Let go. It can be difficult to rebuild confidence if you are living in the past of your troubled marriage and brooding about mistakes that were made or anger that you still harbor. Letting go and allowing yourself a fresh start can help you think positively.
•    Accept love from family and friends. Sometimes in marriage it is possible to get too much of your self-esteem wrapped up in one person: your spouse. When that relationship ends, you may feel like you lost your biggest cheerleader. Seek comfort in your family and friends – people who love you for who you are will help you find self-love.
•    Empower yourself. Perhaps the best and fastest way to gain confidence is to build it through your own actions. Divorce is a fresh start and an opportunity to take chances, try new things, and return to old interests that you may have abandoned over time. Empowering yourself could even be as easy as standing up for yourself or speaking your mind.

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