Unfortunately, it is all too easy to make a critical mistake during a Washington State divorce – and in many cases, these mistakes can have long-term consequences when it comes to your finances, your home, and your children. As you begin to navigate the divorce process, it is vital that you are familiar with the most common divorce mistakes that women make and know how to avoid them. 

  • Not understanding your family’s finances. Even if you weren’t in charge of your household finances before your divorce, now is the time to get in the know. It is virtually impossible to receive a fair settlement if you don’t have a crystal clear picture of your assets, debts, and living expenses. Start taking control by ordering a credit report and getting copies of your tax forms from the last several years.
  • Letting your emotions rule important decisions. Usually being in touch with your emotions is a good thing, but during a divorce, it is important to check your emotions at the door when it comes to dividing property and negotiating a settlement. For example, you may wish to keep the marital home for sentimental reasons, even though it is not the smartest move financially.
  • Failing to budget for the future. It is absolutely vital that you know how much your living expenses will be after your divorce and how you will pay for those expenses. Don’t forget new expenses you might have, such as more childcare expenses and health care. While it can be frightening to look toward the unknown future, it is important to know how much support you’ll need as you settle your divorce.
  • Caving to avoid conflict. No one likes conflict, but do not sacrifice a fair settlement just to avoid a fight. An amicable divorce does not have to be a divorce where you give in to your husband’s every demand. You can stand up for yourself without being angry or out of line.

A Seattle divorce attorney can help you avoid the above pitfalls along with other common divorce mistakes. To speak with a Washington State family lawyer today, call Molly Kenny at 425-460-0550.

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