While most people understand that women can fall victim to domestic violence and abuse, fewer people are aware that domestic abuse and domestic violence plague far too many men in Washington State.

Shocking Statistics About Men and Domestic Violence:

  • A man is physically abused by his partner every 38 seconds in the United States.
  • An estimated 835,000 men are the victims of domestic violence each year in America.
  • An estimated one out of six men has been abused by an intimate partner at some time in their lives. Eight percent of men have been the victim of severe force at the hand of a spouse or partner.
  • Because of the stigma surrounding domestic violence against males, only a small number of men come forward to report abuse and no one is sure how large a problem male domestic abuse is.
  • Some studies suggest that although women are more likely to be significantly harmed during a domestic dispute, women initiate physical fights almost as often as men do.
  • A recent study found that women are just as likely as men to initiate physical domestic violence and just as likely as men to act controlling during a relationship.
  • A University of Pennsylvania emergency room recorded that 13 percent of male patients had been physically abused by their partners. Half of the patients had been choked, bitten, punched, kicked, or had an object thrown at them.
  • Men are nine times less likely to report a domestic assault to the police and five times less likely to tell a friend or relative about abuse.
  • A University of Florida study found that women were just as likely as men to stalk their intimate partners.
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