Last week we discussed how you can protect your credit score during a divorce. This week, we’ll look at how you can rebuild or establish your own great credit score after your divorce is finalized.

Especially if you married at a young age and if you had mostly joint accounts with your husband, you may not have a significant credit history outside of your spouse and marriage. At the same time, some people may have their credit score harmed during their divorce because of actions of their spouse. Either way, it is important to know that you can take a number of steps to establish and build a great credit score after your divorce in your own name.

  • End all joint accounts with your ex. Request a free credit report and go through your accounts one by one with your ex, if possible. Make certain that all accounts are closed and that you will not be affected by any of your former spouse’s credit issues moving forward.
  • Open new accounts in your own name. Immediately open a personal checking account and savings account, even if you don’t have much to put into either account. Be sure to ask about all fees related to the accounts and keep track of your balances. As soon as you feel comfortable, open a credit card account. Use it, but be sure to pay off the balance every month as you establish credit.
  • If you’re changing your name, change your paperwork. If you are going back to your maiden name, getting re-married, or changing your married name to something else, be sure to notify all of your creditors and account holders as soon as possible. Do the same if you are changing addresses so that bills and reports don’t get lost in the mail.
  • Create a budget. Perhaps the simplest thing you can do to build your credit is create a household budget that takes your income, your support, your expenses, and your debts into account. Pay your bills on time and stick to your plan, and your credit score will improve.


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