One of the reasons that experts believe that divorce rates are falling is that the divorce process can be expensive and that some couples simply don’t want to spend funds on attorneys and a drawn-out court case. In tough economic times, many couples are attempting to navigate the process and fill out the paperwork without hiring lawyers at all. Is this a good idea?

Although a do-it-yourself divorce is certainly possible in Washington State, it is not recommended for many couples – for a variety of reasons.

Could a do-it-yourself divorce be right for you?

  • Will your divorce be complicated? You should hire a lawyer if you have a lot of assets, if you have personal assets you wish to protect, if you have been married for a significant amount of time, or if you are concerned about child support or spousal support. You may be able divorce without an attorney if you have few assets, no shared property, no children, or haven’t been married for very long.
  • How is your relationship with your spouse? You should hire a lawyer if you have a history of domestic abuse, if you do not trust your partner, if you believe deception may be involved in your divorce, or if you are simply not on good terms with your spouse. You may not need an attorney if you and your spouse have mutual feelings about the divorce and have open and honest communication.
  • Do you have the time and ability? Handling a divorce yourself takes time, patience, and effort. It also requires a basic understanding of divorce law. While an attorney can guide you through the process quickly and easily, you may have to learn as you go and be careful about common pitfalls and mistakes.
  • Do you and your spouse know your rights? The biggest issue with do-it-yourself divorce is that you might not know what your rights are or what you deserve. An attorney can help you understand what is fair and make certain your divorce goes smoothly and justly.

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