The Holidays Come With Higher Divorce Rates

One of the most common times to decide to divorce is around the holidays – and two of the busiest months for family law attorneys are January and February. But why do winter holidays and the end of the year spark more splits than other times of the year? Relationship experts have a few educated guesses:

•    Holidays take the focus off of career. As work loads lighten around Thanksgiving and Christmas, many have more time at home and more time for reflecting about the other facets of their lives. Not being able to concentrate on work may give some the opportunity to realize that they are not being fulfilled in other areas of their life.
•    Holidays come with added stress. While holidays are supposed to be a relaxing break from life, there are often added pressures such as visits from family, financial stresses, and added responsibilities. These added worries can break an already fragile relationship.
•    Holidays mean spending more time with your spouse. Most people look forward to spending more time with your families and your loved one. But those who aren’t in happy or working relationship may find that the holidays just drive home the idea that they aren’t content with their life path.
•    New Year’s Eve often comes with resolutions. The end of a year can also act as a time to begin new things and a time to make changes that you have been putting off.

A divorce is certainly a sad even, but it is also sometimes necessary to move on to a new phase of life – no matter what time of year. If you are in need of a family law attorney in the Seattle area, call us today to discuss your legal needs.
Molly B. Kenny
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