We’ve already warned you that your divorce case or child custody case could be affected by what you share with friends on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. But now legal experts say that more and more judges are seeing evidence taken from online dating sites and other romantic internet sites. If you are listing yourself as “single” on relationship sites, going on internet dates, or making inappropriate posts on singles websites, your actions could affect what assets you are awarded in your divorce or what kind of access you have with your children.

While Washington State has no-fault divorce laws that don’t require couples to prove infidelity or other issues, dating site use can help courts determine when a couple separated or whether or a parent should have custody of a child. Specifically, a user’s activity on a dating site can help the court build a timeline of the relationship and determine the point at which a couple’s assets should be divided. Inappropriate dating site activity can also illustrate poor behavior during a child custody battle.

What is the solution to these issues? The most simple solution is not to create online dating profiles until after your divorce is finalized – it is the smart thing to do legally, and probably the right thing to do emotionally as well. If you have already joined dating websites and are worried about what you have posted there, be sure to make your profile private or delete it altogether (although old information can often be accessed even after you take it down). Always remember that putting personal information on the web has real consequences. More than anything else, be honest with your ex-spouse and with the judge.

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