Assets often “go missing” when people feel their marriage is getting rocky. Spouses often start putting away funds when divorce is looming, and those who want more than their fair share of the marital assets may unscrupulously attempt to hide assets from their spouse and the courts. Offshore accounts are one of the many ways people try to hide assets, a practice common amongst couples with a high net worth. If you think your spouse has secret offshore accounts, call my firm for help discovering hidden assets in divorce.

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How Do I Uncover My Spouse’s Offshore Accounts?

People so often hide funds in offshore accounts because international privacy laws make it difficult for the other spouse to discover and even more difficult to obtain. Plus, with online banking technologies, ATMs, and ease of travel, opening and maintaining offshore accounts is a breeze. There are several ways you can go about unearthing them, though.

  • Check the tax returns. The IRS has cracked down on reporting requirements for offshore assets and activities. You can get much of the information you need just by checking your spouse’s tax forms. Make sure your lawyer tailors the discovery request to include this kind of information.
  • Inspect your financial accounts. If you see large chunks of assets missing in the retirement account or mutual fund investment, for example, tell your attorney.
  • Check your spouse’s passport. This will have a record of places he has visited which could be potential places he has accounts.
  • Scrutinize divorce negotiations. If your spouse seems overly quick to hop on the first settlement offer you suggest, something is probably amiss. If he agrees to a bad deal, he might be trying to settle as quickly as possible before you discover his hidden accounts.
  • Hire a forensic accountant. Our office can help you with this. When you work with us during your divorce, we will connect you to the right people who can help you uncover assets and offshore accounts.

How Do I Catch My Spouse’s Financial Infidelity?

Investigating your finances, not taking your spouse’s word at face value, and hiring the right professionals can go a long way into discovering your spouse’s financial infidelity.

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