You might be surprised to know that men are significantly more likely to suffer from depression during the two years following a divorce. Relationship and marriage experts believe that a number of factors may explain this statistic, including:

  • Loss of social support
  • Loss of family time
  • Loss of dual income
  • Feelings of isolation

However, some studies have found that the above issues affect both men and women and that the cause of greater rates of male depression is due to the fact that men have more trouble emotionally when it comes to ending a marriage and starting over.
What should you do if you are a recently divorce man who is suffering from depression – a depression that affects other aspects of your life? Here’s where to get started:

  • See a doctor. While it is natural to feel sad about the end of a marriage, depression is a mental illness that should be diagnosed and treated, not suffered through. Making an appointment with your doctor can help you understand exactly what you are feeling and help you on the road to recovery.
  • Get counseling. Your doctor may well recommend that you get professional help regarding your divorce and depression. Many men go through divorce without sufficiently looking at the underlying issues of the divorce, and many don’t realize that they have an opportunity to heal from the hurt with the help of a counselor.
  • Make a routine. Unfortunately, depression can be a downward spiral – your depression means that you don’t leave the house or accomplish goals, which in turn makes you feel more miserable. Studies have shown that regular exercise and a regular sleeping schedule can fight mood disorders.
  • Keep a journal. Again, unlike many other mental illnesses, mild forms of depression can be worked through, often with a combination of medication and therapy. One of the best therapies is writing about your feelings and experiences, especially if you still feel too closed off to speak with a therapist.

Here’s some good news: only a small fraction of divorced men reported feeling depressed four years after the end of their marriage. Most found ways to work through the sadness and begin a new chapter. However, confronting your depression and treating it as a serious health issue can help you recover more quickly and completely.

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