Many changes come with divorce: your address may change, you may decide to change your name after the divorce, your expectations may change, your financial situation may change, your life goals may change. However, even while you are coping with all of this change and starting a new chapter in your life, it is extremely important to remember just one more change: changing your will and estate plan.

Unfortunately, Washington State divorce does not automatically remove your spouse from your will, and if you were to pass away, your former husband or wife could still end up with your assets or other privileges instead of your children or other loved ones in your life. If your will was drafted after your marriage, it is likely that your spouse is named as the primary beneficiary. While it is a good idea to periodically review your estate plan and will over the years, it is vital to do so during or immediately after divorce proceedings.

It is also important to consider that changing your will in regards to your ex is not the only change that may be appropriate at the time of your divorce. Since so many things change during divorce, including your assets and your financial situation, your will may need to be changed in other key areas.

Also remember: if you remarry after your divorce, you will most likely want to review your will yet again and make changes that reflect your new life and your new family.

Many people are understandably sick of legal talk, paperwork, and lawyers by the time their divorce is finalized. However, making changes to your will is an important step to take for your family in case of an unforeseen accident or illness. Are you considering divorce or in the process of a divorce in Washington State – and you aren’t sure what legal steps you need to take moving forward? Speak with a Mercer Island divorce attorney today for answers and assistance.
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