January Arrives With Some Of The Highest Divorce Rates Of The Year

January is a time for fresh starts and resolutions: across the country, people join new gyms, start a new hobby, or start looking for a new job or a new career. However, some family law attorneys know that January might also be the time to finally end a toxic relationship and get a fresh start in life on your own.

While divorce rates generally drop between Thanksgiving and Christmas – a time when many couples will continue to try to survive the stress of the holidays and stay together for family – many divorce lawyers see a surge in calls right after the New Year. What is the reasoning behind the January divorce?

•    The holidays illustrated a lot of our problems. In many cases, one more stressful Christmas is enough to realize that you could be happier and that you aren’t experiencing the joy that you once did with your partner. In some cases, the holidays mean time away from work and weeks spent with your spouse, which can be difficult. In others, it means financial stresses, family stresses, or travel stresses. Generally, the holiday can amplify the feelings you have about ending a relationship.
•    January comes with all of your tax information in the mail. One of the reasons many couples wait to divorce is that divorce can be expensive. With a new year comes the opportunity to file your taxes and get a refund check that can help with the extra expensive of divorce.
•    You can’t imagine “one more year.” Very simply, January represents a time for change and a time for reflection. Looking back on your last year spent unsatisfied and unhappy, the prospect of another similar year can prove too much. On the other hand, a new year spend independent and with new choices and new energy, can seem like a wonderful gift.

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