We spend a lot of time talking about the victims of domestic violence, the consequences of domestic violence, and how domestic violence affects families in Washington State. Today, we will discuss a topic that is often forgotten: how those charged or convicted of domestic violence can learn from their mistakes, change who they are, and try to move on from the painful past.

Domestic violence is a terrible crime – and one that should absolutely not be taken lightly. But while violators of the law should be punished, those that have faced the consequences, admitted their mistakes and realized their wrongdoing should be given the opportunity to live, to work on themselves, and to change.

What can you do if you’ve abused a family member or loved one in the past and want to understand, heal, and change?

Seek Therapy

According to statistics, you may struggle with anger management issues, mental health issues, and a history of being a victim of abuse yourself. Meeting regularly with a professional about what went wrong, how you are feeling, and how you can become a better person is absolutely vital to changing after a domestic violence incident, charge, arrest, or conviction.

Get Treatment For Your Addiction 

A large number of those with domestic violence histories also have a history of drug addiction, alcoholism, and substance abuse. In many cases, these issues are not only tied up in the abuse, but also in the other issues the abuser might be having. Confronting your addiction is a fundamental step in confronting your deeper problems and also making certain you never again turn to violence.

Keep the Victims Out of It 

Understanding your past actions and striving to be better in the future doesn’t have anything to do with those you harmed in the domestic violence incident – it only has to do with you. Contacting your abuse victims could be illegal and could also be emotionally traumatizing for them. Only interact with your abuse victims with the assistance of and with the recommendation of a professional therapist. 

Some domestic violence statistics show that as many as one in 12 women and one in 42 men will be the victims of domestic abuse at some point in their lives. This also means that there are literally millions of abusers across the country. While some of those abusers will never seek help, others recognize the wrongs that they have committed and are working toward betterment.

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