Choosing to end your marriage is a heartbreaking decision that will affect the rest of your life. How can you know that you are making the right choice, and are there any bad reasons to choose divorce instead of working on your marriage?

While all marriages are different, and while you must ultimately make your decision based on your own situation, there are some reasons for divorce that are less thoughtful than others. Before filing for divorce, make sure that it is right choice for you and your family.

Here are three not-so-good reasons to ask for a divorce:

•    You are bored with your marriage. Not even the best marriages continue to have the same level of romance and excitement that they did at the beginning of the relationship – and it is perfectly normal to feel a sense of boredom at points in your marriage. If you feel that your relationship is not as exciting as it was, talk to your partner and consider counseling before deciding to divorce.
•    You are having some financial difficulties. Especially with the recent recession, poor job market, and housing collapse, millions of families have been facing difficult financial situations – issues that can certainly lead to marital problems. It can be difficult to resolve issues and stick together through tough times, but you should carefully examine your relationship and determine what is the root cause of your relationship issues. 
•    You are going through a rough spot. Long-term commitments are never easy, and any couple that has been married for decades can tell you that there were times where they struggled to stay together and stay happy. Couples must realize that there is an important difference between irreconcilable differences and bumps in the road. How can you tell the difference? Try working through your issues, either through open communication or counseling or both. If your best efforts don’t improve the situation, it may be time to consider a divorce.
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