In our last article, we helped you understand how you could find a great divorce mediator in the Seattle area. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at a few Washington divorce mediator red flags: hints that a mediator isn’t good for you or your divorce settlement.

  • Your divorce mediator guarantees results. According to their standards of practice, no mediator should promise results. Because the mediation process depends on the cooperation and compromise of the two people divorcing, the results depend on them and not on the mediator, who is simply present to provide information and guidance.
  • Your divorce mediator misrepresents their qualifications. A mediator will likely share his or her qualifications with you, either during an interview or in an advertisement. Be sure to check these qualifications and verify the mediator’s validity.
  • Your divorce mediator advertises settlement rates. Sharing statistics such as settlement rates or details of settlements in advertisements is also against the mediator standards of practice. Steer away from these mediators.
  • Your divorce mediator says domestic violence or substance abuse “isn’t a problem.” While it is possible for a divorce mediator to work with a couple with a history of domestic violence, child abuse, or drug addiction, he or she should openly discuss the difficulty and special considerations involved with handling these cases.
  • Your divorce mediator shrugs off cultural considerations. Does your mediator seem sensitive, open, and understanding of the cultural considerations associated with your family and divorce? If he or she seems disinterested, insensitive, or even biased, look for a better fit.
  • Your divorce mediator doesn’t set up a clear payment schedule. Your mediator should be very clear on how payment for the sessions will work–before you begin your sessions.
  • Your divorce mediator takes aggressive control of your session or takes sides. Your mediator is there for guidance and information, not as a judge who will tell you who gets what. If your mediator is not taking a passive, neutral role, he or she is not a good mediator!

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