Coming to the conclusion that you would like a divorce can be extremely difficult. But actually opening your mouth and asking your husband and wife for the divorce can be even more challenging, painful, and frightening. While there is not any “right” way to ask your spouse for a divorce, there are some actions you can take in order to minimize damage and increase your chances of an amicable split. 

  • Pick an appropriate time. You want your spouse to be comfortable and to have an opportunity to speak with you and process the conversation. Don’t ask for a divorce, for example, right before dropping your husband off at work, or late at night. 
  • Pick an appropriate place. If you fear your spouse’s response could be an angry one, pick a public location where you will feel safe. Don’t pick a place, however, where you might hurt others or cause a larger disturbance, such as the family dinner table. 
  • Be ready for counter arguments. If your spouse is not ready for a divorce, they will probably ask you to work on the marriage. If you haven’t tried counseling, would you be willing? Or would you be willing to talk things out and try again? If not, be ready with a reason that you don’t believe alternatives will work. 
  • Put yourself in your spouse’s shoes. Try to imagine how your spouse feels and thinks. Would they appreciate a direct approach or a longer conversation? Will they want an explanation, or would an explanation further hurt their feelings? Remember that the best way to ask for a divorce depends on the person you are asking. 

The way in which you ask for a divorce will set the tone for the rest of your divorce process: if you are caring, understanding, and listen to your spouse’s needs, your divorce could be amicable and smooth. If you are direct and unwavering, you may be establishing a strong voice that you can use during the settlement process. 

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