Why should you bother to compromise with the person you are divorcing? Isn’t the time for compromise over? Isn’t it finally time that you got your way?

Not just yet. If you choose divorce mediation, you have a little more compromising to do before you are finally free to start your new life. During mediation, you must work with your ex to divide your property and assets. It can seem impossible to come to a fair and equitable solution. Here are three good reasons why you will want to try to compromise with your ex during mediation:

  • Your divorce may become more expensive – If you choose not to compromise during mediation, mediation will last longer or even fail altogether. This means a more expensive divorce and less settlement money.
  • You will fail to establish a solid co-parenting relationship with your spouse – If you have children, you will likely need to continue a relationship with your spouse, albeit a non-romantic one. One of the best ways to begin a healthy co-parenting relationship is by making sure the divorce mediation process involves open communication and compromise.
  • Your mediation will likely fail – It is extremely difficult to find a solution to a problem without compromise—especially a solution that is fair enough to be approved by a judge. Without compromise, you may find yourself in court, battling for what you want. This can make the process long, expensive, and emotionally draining.

It can be extremely difficult to compromise with someone that you likely have a number of unresolved conflicts with. However, making compromises during divorce mediation can help you finalize your divorce quicker and for less money. It can also set the foundation for a successful co-parenting relationship, which will mean a lot to your children.

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