You might want someone to notice your clothing if you are dressing for a party or event. But when you have a court date for your divorce trial, you do not want anyone to be surprised by what you are wearing, especially the judge.

The best advice for how to dress for your divorce court date is this: pick something clean, respectful, professional, and plain.

Here is a short list of don’ts:

  • Don’t wear anything revealing.
  • Don’t wear trendy, designer clothing.
  • Don’t wear flashy jewelry.
  • Take out all visible piercings besides ear piercings.
  • If possible, don’t wear anything that shows your tattoos.
  • Don’t wear a hat.
  • Don’t wear anything casual, including t-shirts, sandals, shorts, tank tops, sunglasses, or jeans.
  • Don’t wear anything that is dirty or damaged.
  • Don’t wear anything that is uncomfortable, especially to sit in.
  • Stay away from very bright colors or anything that makes a “statement.”

So, what should you wear? Think about what you might wear to a business meeting or professional event and think about how you would like the judge to see you. Remember that you don’t want your clothes to be noticed or commented on, you just want to look clean, presentable, and respectful. Also make sure that you are comfortable, as trials can take time and require your close attention.

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