Discernment counseling is an emerging form of marriage counseling developed for couples that are considering the option of separation and divorce.

Discernment counseling was developed recently by counselors who noticed that “mixed agenda” couples—couples in which one person wished for divorce and one person wished to work on the relationship—were not benefiting from traditional couples counseling. Instead of assuming that both partners wished to work on the marriage and fix their relationship, discernment counseling encourages couples to consider all of their options for moving forward, including divorce and separation, with the best interests of both of those involved at heart.

Discernment counseling is not a great idea if both of you want to avoid divorce or if both of you are sure that divorce is the right choice. Discernment counseling is not yet widely available. While there is not yet enough data to gauge the effectiveness of the new type of counseling, the response from couples and counselors has been positive.

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