Washington State has community property laws in place to help couples more easily and fairly divide their property during the divorce process. Community property is basically defined as any property that is shared between husband and wife. This usually includes:

  • All money earned by both the husband and the wife after the marriage.
  • All property bought by the married couple with community funds.
  • All gifts given to both the husband and wife.
  • Property or funds brought into the marriage that are then mixed with community funds.

Other types of funds and property are considered separate property:

  • Gift that are specifically meant for either the husband or wife.
  • Inheritance that is intended only for the husband or only for the wife.
  • Property acquired before the marriage that is not clearly intended by both spouses to be part of community property.
  • Funds acquired before the marriage that is kept in an unshared bank account and never intended to be community property.

It can be difficult to understand Washington State community property laws. To learn more about who is entitled to the funds and property in your own divorce proceedings, speak with a Bellevue divorce attorney today for more information.

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