If you are in an interfaith marriage, you likely understand that there were special considerations when you married and when you started a family – where to have your ceremony, how to raise your children, and which traditions and holidays to celebrate. You won’t be surprised to know that interfaith divorce also comes with unique challenges.

By far the biggest concern with interfaith divorce is the religious upbringing of the couple’s children. Disagreement about the child’s exposure to different religions or cultures could lead to a spiritual custody dispute, while questions about the child’s primary physical custody could further complicate the issue.

Another important issue surrounding interfaith divorce is religious divorce – some religions, like Judaism and Catholicism, offer a religious divorce ceremony in addition to a legal divorce. In some cases, this may be important to you or your spouse. In addition, you may consider changes to your religious beliefs, spirituality, or cultural traditions in the wake of divorce, especially if you converted before or during your marriage.

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