During the recent recession, divorce rates plummeted. This trend wasn’t because couples were getting along better during hard economic times, it was because many couples didn’t want to separate until their financial situation improved. Some wanted to stay in their home until the housing market recovered, some wanted to pay off debt before starting a new life, and some simply didn’t want to switch to single incomes in an uncertain climate.

When it comes to delaying divorce until your financial situation improves, only you and your spouse can make the right decision. Paying off debt before divorcing could make the separation process easier and more amicable, but stalling a divorce can also stall your fresh new start and cause more tension between you and your husband or wife.

Another option to consider before stalling a divorce for financial reasons is choosing a low-cost divorce – by using divorce mediation and by working with your spouse to avoid arguments that can lead to high legal fees.

Do you worry about delaying your divorce as well as your current and future financial situation? You may need the help of an experienced Bellevue divorce attorney. Give us a call today to schedule a private consultation.

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