Several studies have shown that very young children are often more affected by divorce and the consequences of divorce than older children and teens. However, this does not necessarily mean that you should delay a divorce simply for the sake of your children.

Delaying a divorce that you know you want could also affect your children negatively. If you no longer love your spouse, your children will grow up without an accurate idea of what a caring, loving partnership looks like. Even worse, if you and your spouse continue to argue or even fight in front of your children, the emotional effects could be considerably worse than if you had simply ended your marriage when you were ready.

It is still important to understand that younger children can suffer long-term issues tied to their parents’ early divorce if the divorce is not handled in a healthy manner. You can use the information learned from these studies to be extra aware of your children’s thoughts, feelings, and emotional needs before, during, and after your divorce. You can also use these facts to help both you and your spouse approach your divorce in a mature, even-tempered, and even caring manner.

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