Preserving a happy and rewarding marriage can be much more difficult than couples realize—and many face serious challenges once they return from the honeymoon and enter the first months and years of marriage. Some might feel that they simply no longer love the person that they married, while others may find that they weren’t prepared for a long-term commitment. Still others may discover that an issue in the marriage, such as money problems, infidelity, or domestic abuse, makes continuing the union impossible. 

But how can you know when you should work on your new marriage or whether you should seek a divorce and a fresh start with someone new? 

While all relationships are different, it is important to take a close look at your feelings—and what the possible solutions are. Do you see any way of compromising with your spouse? Have you tried marriage counseling or other forms of more open communication? Do you believe that your differences will never be resolved? Have you made any attempts at reconciliation or change? Are you sure that your feelings will not change? 

Keep in mind that there are some circumstances in which taking a “wait and see” approach may not be healthy or safe. If you are a newlywed who is dealing with issues like domestic abuse, emotional abuse, financial abuse, child abuse, or a spouse’s substance abuse, you should get help now and make certain that you are safe. 

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