Long after your Seattle divorce has been finalized, the memories of your relationship live on through many objects in your home, from your wedding ring to your kitchen table. But perhaps the hardest things to look at are your old family photos—whether or not you believe that divorce was the right choice for you. 

What you decide to do with your old photographs—from professional pictures of your engagement and wedding to casual shots of your vacations and anniversaries—depends heavily on what your marriage and divorce were like and on how you are adjusting to your new life. If your divorce was amicable and if you are comfortable focusing on the good times in your past, you may wish to keep the photographs, but just put them out of sight. If your marriage was a largely painful one, or if the details of your divorce ruined even the best memories, you might heal from throwing out old pictures. 

If you have children—whether they are babies, adolescents, or adults—consider keeping your photographs even if you have no interest in them. Your children may find the pictures meaningful or, at the least, an interesting part of their history. If you have young children who are struggling with your divorce, consider hanging a family photo in their room so that they are reminded of the people that love them. 

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