Many women struggle with the option of changing their name in the wake of a Washington State divorce – should you keep your married name, revert to your maiden name, or pick a new surname to start your new chapter of life?

Here are some issues to consider:

  • Do you have children? You may consider what their last name is and whether you’d like to share a last name with them.
  • Have you had your name for very long? Changing your name may be easier after a short marriage than after a few decades with your married surname.
  • Would a name change affect your professional life? If you have been published or if you are well recognized and established in your field of work, you way wish to keep your married name for business or career reasons.
  • Do you want to do the paperwork? Changing your name will take a bit of effort and involve your bank accounts, drivers’ license, credit cards, and other accounts.
  • Do you see your name as a symbol? Some woman may see a name change as a chance to let go of their relationship and let go of the past.

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