You’ve probably heard the myth of the good divorce: the couple who mutually decided that their marriage wasn’t working out, had an amicable talk with their lawyers during an easy divorce, and now play racquetball together once a week and go on family vacations together with their kids.

While these divorces probably do exist in small numbers, it’s important to understand that your focus shouldn’t be on a good divorce, it should be on the best divorce process possible for you and your kids. A “good divorce” requires certain behavior from both spouses – you can only control your behavior and your choices. For many, the focus should be on a fair, fast, and equitable divorce that offers you a new start and nothing more.

Keep in mind, too, that “good divorces” don’t always start off as good divorces. Divorce is usually a painful time filled with change, confusion, and uncertainty. A new study has shown that many ex-spouses are able to improve their co-parenting relationship with their ex-partner in time, with the help of good communication, growing maturity, and the realization that their kids need them to get along.

A “good divorce” might be elusive, but a good divorce lawyer doesn’t have to be. At the Law Offices of Molly B. Kenny, our Bellevue divorce attorneys make certain that your divorce is as just and efficient as possible. Call today to schedule a private appointment.

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