As you might guess, how you ask your spouse for a divorce depends on a number of individual factors: does your spouse know that your marriage isn’t going well? Have you discussed divorce in the past? Have you tried marriage counseling? 

Realize that the way that you ask for a divorce may well color the remainder of your divorce process: asking for a divorce in a way that respects your current partner’s feelings and that makes your needs clear can increase your chances of a more amicable and fair divorce. Asking for a divorce during an argument, opening old wounds, or making overly hurtful statements may get you off on the wrong foot and cause more pain than necessary. While the vast majority of divorces will involve hurt feelings, sadness, and even anger, establishing good communication and mutual empathy during your initial conversation can help minimize these aspects of the process. 

It is important to note that if your marriage involves domestic violence, emotional abuse, or substance abuse, you should approach asking your spouse for a divorce in a way that makes your safety and your children’s safety a priority. Ask for a divorce in a public place where you will not be in danger, and arrange for a place to go after the conversation happens. 

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