New numbers were released this week that showed marriage is at an all-time low in the United States, with just 51 percent of Americans deciding to tie the knot. Now, a new study has examined exactly why younger couples are deciding to live together but not get married.

Here are the results of the study, which was published in Family Relations:

  • Two out of three couples said that they were not marrying because they feared the consequences of divorce, such as the emotional pain, the high cost, and the legal trouble.
  • A significant number of lower-income women responded that marriage was simply not a good deal for them: it would make it harder to leave the relationship and would lead to more domestic responsibilities.
  • Middle-class cohabiting couples explained that living together for a few years before marriage was a good way to solidify their relationship.
  • Working-class couples were more likely to see marriage as a nominal step – just a piece of paper.

Researchers hope the information will help pre-marital counselors understand the fears of divorce that many marrying couples have – and that the divorce study will help us better understand how the high divorce rates of the last generation are affecting the choices of this generation.

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