Everyone knows about the ceremony surrounding a marriage, but fewer people know exactly how the divorce process works. It can be nerve wracking to head to court for your divorce, especially if you are not familiar with the process. Here’s what you can expect if your divorce heads to trial: 

  • A temporary orders hearing. This preliminary hearing discusses all of the major aspects of your divorce and finds temporary solutions for them until the divorce is settled and finalized. During the temporary orders hearing, you will decide who has the kids when, who lives in the marital home, and how finances will be handled. 
  • Review hearings. During the divorce process, you may appear in court to update the judge on the case, to make chances to the temporary orders, or to share your progress. There may also be hearings regarding protection orders or other serious matters. 
  • Settlement conference. A settlement conference takes place before the formal trial and gives you an opportunity to meet with the judge privately. 
  • Divorce trial. Some divorces will go to trial, which is much like any other trial: witnesses take the stand, experts share their opinion, and the judge makes a final decision regarding important issues such as property settlement, child custody, child visitation, and alimony. The length of the trial depends heavily on the complexity of your case. 

All divorces are different. A Seattle divorce attorney can help you determine what special issues your divorce may have, as well as what your court dates and trial may be like. To learn more about what to expect from your divorce trial, contact the Law Offices of Molly B. Kenny today: 425-460-0550.

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