This isn’t how you expected to be spending your golden years. After decades of marriage and raising children, your marriage is ending. Your considerations are different from those of a younger couple, but they are no less important.

What You Have to Consider

You do not have to worry about child custody or support if you have independent adult children. However, you do have to worry about yourself. You do have to consider:

Additionally, if you have an adult child with a disability who is dependent on you then you may have additional needs to consider.

Getting divorced later in life can mean that you have a second chance. You may have decades left to enjoy your life, and you shouldn’t risk your future by failing to pursue a fair and just divorce settlement.

How to Get the Help That You Deserve

There is too much at stake for you to handle your divorce on your own, and, while your children are adults, they should not have to help you divorce their other parent. Instead, you need someone on our side who is solely committed to protecting you and advocating for your best interests. A Seattle divorce lawyer can do that for you.

Have you gotten divorced later in life? What advice would you give Puget Sound area couples who are going through the same thing in their 50s or 60s? Please leave a comment with your thoughts to help support others who are going through this important life change.

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