What do you do with your engagement and wedding rings after a divorce? If you're Jennifer Lopez, you auction off the $1.2 million, six carat pink diamond ring given to you by Ben Affleck. Auctioning jewelry at famous auction houses like Sotheby's is common practice for celebrities who want to rid themselves of their "break-up bling."

But for women without celebrity status, pawn shops and e-bay have been the best options for selling their jewelry...until now.

Websites like exboyfriendjewelry.com, idonowidont.com, and ex-cessories.com are popping up and providing an outlet for women to sell their jewelry after a break-up.

Exboyfriendjewelry.com was created by Megahn and Marie Perry, who wanted to sell their wedding sets, but were not comfortable selling their items to a pawn shop. The website requires that each seller pays a $1.99 listing fee and share their break-up story. The website does not charge a commission for the sale of your jewelry.  Appraisals are not required on the jewelry sold on exboyfriendjewelry.com

Idonowidont.com provides sellers with free listings for their jewelry. If an item sells, the website takes 15 percent of the sale in commission. If an item does not sell, the seller is not charged anything. A gemologist appraises the jewelry at not cost to the seller to ensure that all jewelry sold is genuine.  

Ex-cessories.com requires that sellers pay a $15 listing fee and a 13 percent commission is taken off of the selling price. Sellers have the option of having the website appraise and sell their jewelry for $60.00, or appraising and preparing the listing on ex-cessories.com themselves.

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