This week, a new divorce survey found that Facebook is involved in more divorces than ever. According to the website Divorce Online, one out of three people cited the social networking giant as a factor in their divorce, as compared to 20 percent citing Facebook just two years ago. 

What were the three most common ways in which Facebook activity led to breakups and divorce?

  • Spouses sending inappropriate messages to other users
  • Separated spouses posting inappropriate messages about their partner on their walls
  • Facebook friends reporting inappropriate behavior by a spouse

It is important to note that relationship experts do not believe that Facebook is actually causing divorce; rather, Facebook is simply now a very popular way of communicating with friends and loved ones – and a very popular way of sharing one’s feelings. Because so many people use the social networking site on a regular basis, it follows that the website plays a role in divorce. 

What can we learn from this study? While reconnecting with old friends can be rewarding, it can also lead to inappropriate behavior. At the same time, it is important to understand that if you are separated, posting private information or posting while angry can have serious consequences even if you think your spouse can’t see what you are writing. 

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