This week, we answered a few frequently asked questions about legal separation in Washington State, such as whether or not you can live with your ex after you have legally separated. Legal separation is often misunderstood, and couples considering divorce often don’t know whether legal separation is a good option for them. Generally speaking, there are only a few specific reasons that couples choose legal separation over divorce: 

  1. Religious reasons. Some families do not believe that divorce is a morally sound choice—or their church does not condone legal divorce. For these couples, legal separation is a way to gain financial independence and a separate life without technically divorcing. 
  2. Insurance coverage. During a divorce, your spouse may lose health insurance benefits that they absolutely need to remain healthy and financially secure. A legal separation may allow your spouse to keep his or her benefits while also allowing the two of you to start a new chapter. 
  3. Trial separation. Some couples simply need independence from each other before they decide to divorce. They need to take a first step and see what divorce would be like by separating their finances and coming up with a working parenting plan. Some may choose divorce, while others may choose to stay married or stay legally separated. 

All couples and all relationships are different. A Seattle divorce attorney may be able to help you better understand your situation and choose the best option for you, your partner, your children, and your family as a whole. To learn more about our legal services—and how we can help you—call the Law Offices of Molly B. Kenny today: 425-460-0550.

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