This month we’ve been discussing discernment counseling, an emerging type of couples counseling that allows couples the openness to discuss and choose between working on their marriage or ending their relationship. Discernment counseling – which doesn’t treat divorce as a bad word during sessions – has many people wondering if the new therapy could be right for their relationship.

Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons:

Pros of discernment counseling: Discernment counseling is designed for mixed agenda couples – couples in which one person wants a divorce and the other does not. It could be beneficial to those who would feel comfortable openly discussing divorce, couples who are having difficulty knowing whether to keep working on their relationship or end it, and couples who wish to speak with a counselor both as a pair and one-on-one.
Cons of discernment counseling: Discernment counseling is not a good choice for couples that agree on the final goal of counseling or couples that do not consider divorce an option for their marriage. It is also not a good choice for couples who are not comfortable talking openly about choosing divorce or further counseling. Discernment counseling is also not ideal for marriages that involve domestic violence or addiction issues.

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